Failed to start kernel - AccessDeniedException

Hi all,
restarting the kernel does not solve the issue for me;
only having 2 CPU, 4 GBRAM as fixed medium config is not enough for the task.
In the Lab 3 coding it is said (as already for Lab 2) you need 8 CPU, 32 GB RAM which corresponds to the 2xlarge config of the project which is not allowed to configure as a student.

Each time it crashed at the same code position @bharathy89 mentioned (2.3 Evaluate Toxicity):
toxicity_evaluator = evaluate.load(“toxicity”,

So, what kind of solution exists? How can we finish the course?

PS - some time later having found a workaround:
I could change the environment to the 2xlarge config as mentioned in the first part of the notebook, after the kernel died in the toxicity evaluation part, then clicking on the Kernel menue, selecting the ‘Restart Kernel and Clear All Outputs’, then using the kernel config function on the top right sagemaker study window.
After all that with the correct environment the kernel does not dy during notebook run and the notebook finished appropriately to submit the result.