Failed to start the lab

this is what I got.


hi knogbou thanks for reaching out I advice you to open the coursera in incognito mode and then try to access the lab in case if the issue still persists let us know, normally this would happen due to cookie problem and other browser related issues I encourage you to try in other browsers too.

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Thanks @Khushwanth it works now.

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I can’t start the lab even in incognito.

Wait for few hours after initial error as some times it resets after lab alloted time

I wait for 3 hours but it still did not open. Please help me.

Hi @proloy_pal thanks for reaching out try to clear cookies and try starting the lab, i suggest you to wait a little longer as its cloud some times it may take more than the prescribed time

It’s still now working Sir. I clear cookies and use incognito mode. I have waited for 3 hours and tried a lot to open AWS but it’s not working.

Now it’s working thank you @Khushwanth