FAQ: For Course 3 and 4 How to Get the latest version of assignment

Hello Learners,

Course 3 (NLP with Sequence Models) and Course 4 (NLP with Attention Models was recently Updated for assignments. So learners kindly make sure to check if you have the latest version of the assignment before starting the assignment.

I am sharing steps on how to get a fresh Updated copy of assignment.

Kindly do the following to get a fresh copy of assignment.

  1. Click File==== then open==== delete all the files on this page. Now you will find a 404 error on your web page.
  2. Ensure you have deleted all your cache and browser history before you download a fresh copy. Log out of your Coursera account.
  3. Re-Login.
  4. Click Help on the right top corner, then reboot.
  5. Once rebooting is done, click help again. At this time, click Get the Latest version and then Update Lab.
    You have a fresh updated copy of the assignment.

Re-do your assignment.

Just for your comparison, I am also sharing Course 3 Week 1 assignment grader output, so you can check with your grader output to know which version you guys are using.


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