Feature scaling Part 1 video

As I view this video I am surprised at some calculation here -

@ time 1:40 => 50 times 2000 does not make 100,000 K it is 100,000 or 100 K

@ time 2:45 => How did x1 now become 2000 K ; it should have been 2000, right ?

Any one else notice this ?

Hello @Suresh_Srinivasan, welcome to our community!

The “k” comes from the fact that all prices have a unit of thousand dollars. 50 \times 2000 is certainly 100000 but then we manually add a “k” behind because the final price value requires the correct unit. For “2000k”, I think that “k” can be dropped from the equation because it’s enough if Andrew added the “k” beneath each of the terms.


Thank you Raymond, One second reading that seemed obvious… Appreciate your quick feedback very much.

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