Financial aid request - while w/ current paid subscription

Dear all,

I am currently subscribed, but for my next period I need to request financial aid.

  1. How can I request financial aid for the next period, whilst not stopping learning in the current paying period?

  2. If financial aid is provided, can I choose when the supported period starts?

  3. For how long can the financial aid prevail?

Thank you for the help in these clarifications you may provide.

Best regards,

Only the Coursera Help Center can answer those types of questions.

Thanks for your quick reply Tom.

Will try there to find my answers

Where you able to find the answers? Can you please update here, if so?

You can apply for financial aid for a particular course and once accepted, it is available until you complete the course; no matter if it takes you one month or one year to finish the course.

Update: Raymond is right. It varies from time to time and from company to company. Some companies (or universities) allow you access for a long period of time, once financial aid is approved, while some are strict with it.

I am not particularly familiar with this matter, but I have also heard that for someone’s case there is a limited period for financial aid. Maybe it is case by case, or maybe things change over time. Therefore, I would also suggest the learner to talk to Coursera for an answer.