Finding people posting certain multimedia content

What are some techniques to find people posting certain images/videos online esp. social media other than web scraping?

Hi prati and welcome to the forum,
unless you have access to the application logs, i don’t think there is other way than web scraping.

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Most of the platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc) offer their public APIs that you can use to programmatically access content on that platform. With APIs you’ll again need user authentication to view private data associated to them. But I believe these APIs will also provide a way to browse and access only public profiles/content which doesn’t require user authentication - this is pretty much what you’re doing when scraping web pages, but in a more structured manner.

Thank you @tomstryja and @vjmalkoti. That is true. In order to access specific user’s accounts, they will have to authenticate us. If you are trying to access/find larger number of individuals (In millions) posting certain type of content matching the images what you have at your end, there are chances that our system will exceed usage limits or violate TOS for larger data. I am trying to think what I can take care of or what I can do at the initial stages of the project that is going to be designed for larger scope.