For update_parameters_with_adam in week 2 practice 6, I don't really understand the equation

In Bias correction part, I found my mistake for the code block because my bias correction denominator is (1-Vdw^l) instead of t. I thought the variable t in the original equation is used for representing the number of momentum and RMS, which is why I used l in the first place. Shouldn’t the number of t increase as we iterate through the W1 and W2 as in 1 and 2 instead of t in the test case, which is a constant of 2? I don’t understand the definition of t and the equation.

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Hi Wallace_Lee,

As a belated reply:
The variable l refers to the layer number. t is the number of the iteration in which the function update_parameters_with_adam is used. It is passed in as an argument to the update_parameters_with_adam function by the model function presented under section 6, which increases the value of t with 1 for each minibatch.