Getting API Error - Ratelimiterror

I am trying to embbed 500 pages of document to chatGPT.I can able to embbed but I am getting warning.Give solution for this.
Retrying langchain.embeddings.openai.embed_with_retry.._embed_with_retry in 4.0 seconds as it raised RateLimitError: Requests to the Embeddings_Create Operation under Azure OpenAI API version 2022-12-01 have exceeded call rate limit of your current OpenAI S0 pricing tier. Please retry after 4 seconds. Please go here: Dynamics 365 Customer Voice if you would like to further increase the default rate limit…

Hi @SRIRAGURAM_ANALYST Based on the error message, it seems that you are running out of resources. In addition, the error message also is providing a link where you can find a fix to the issue. It seems you need to ask for more resources or decrease the number of pages.
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In addition to the clear explanation of @carlosrl , OpenAI has a limit of requests per second. For GPT4 the RPS = 200.

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