Getting error in final lab compute cost function

My value of cost is not coming as equal to expected value of the cost
And I am not able to find any bug in my code, could you help me to resolve it…
Thanks in advance!!!

The first thing for you to check is whether your compute_cost() function uses correct indentation for each line of code.

Indentation is what controls the flow of your code.

Also, if your code uses any for-loops, check that all of the code inside the loop is correct for the equation you’re implementing.

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Please look at my cost function… I don’t think that there is some kind of indentation mistake
Please help me debug my code

Hey @Eshaan,
In this function, you are supposed to compute the cost without any regularization. Please read the instructions prior to the exercise carefully.

P.S. - Posting code publicly is strictly against the community guidelines. If a mentor needs to take a look at your code, (s)he will ask you to DM your code.


Sorry and thanks both!!!