Getting Grader Error: Grader feedback not found


I am getting ‘Graded feedback not found issue’ while submitting my assignment C2W3_Assignment. I cross checked my assignment its look fine to me as all the assignment outputs are matching to expected result. I have also looked into the forum and did required change but this issue is not getting resolved. Can support team help me please.


Hi Laxmikanta! Welcome to Discourse! Kindly take a look at this pinned thread and clear all the points mentioned. It seems you may have to reset your notebook and copy paste your old solutions into the new one. Hopefully, these will resolve the issue with the grader. If not, please reply here. Thank you!

Thank you Chris. I have tried with a fresh copy of my work and it successfully resolved graded error issue.

Thank you again for your quick support.

@chris.favila Hi Chris, I cannot create a new topic on this matter but I’m having the same issue eventhough I’ve tried all the recommendations.