Good communities to share the resources

I am planning to write some blogs on the machine learning. A very detailed and will cover How I used to learn. Where I can share it so that peers can read it, learn it and help me improve it if something is missing or wrongly explained.

Also can I use the images from the course slides, I will give all the credits in the blog for the images. Most of time I need images and will try to come up with my own examples.

Hello @tbhaxor! Great to hear that you’re planning to write some blog posts on your journey of machine learning!

There are many platforms where you can share your blog with others, such as Medium, LinkedIn, or your personal website.

You can also write for your field-related society. For example, if your field is Petroleum related, you can write for SPE, if your field is chemical related, you can write for AICHE. The same goes for medical and other fields.

Furthermore, you can also write for magazines such as Data Science Central, KDnuggets, AI & Society, IEEE, etc. You can check their submission guidelines to see if your content fits their requirements and contribute your insights and perspectives to the community.

Regarding the images from the course slides, I am not a relevant person to give you permission. You may ask for permission from the original creators or owners of the images. Or wait, if someone replies you here.

Good luck with your blogging journey!


Yeah I used to write for infosec related blogs and it was easy to share the link in the community. Idk good ML communities where I provide my personal blog link or will they welcome this and not mark it as spam :sweat_smile: But the content would be very engaging for example I am plannning to write about things people talk less “Why this only approach works not other” is one of them

Best of luck with blogging, Gurkirat! :+1: :+1: :+1: