Got "inf"/"nan" when use Tensorflow to optimize self defined loss

I defined a complexy loss function by myself and use Tensorflow Gradient Tape to optimize it.
But during the interation, I got “inf” and “nan”, I doubt it is caused by the “log” function in loss, it got log(0) maybe.
As I searched online, some solution mentioned to modify the log function to “tf.log(tf.clip_by_value(y,1e-8,1.0))”, I don’t know if this is correct or not.
From my perfective, it limits the value to (1e-8,1.0), which may not correct…

It’s always recommended to normalize the data before you pass it to a loss function. Once you normalize the data (like by using Z-score/standard normalization methods), you wont come across a situation like the case where the x in log(x) becomes 0.

But the method that you mentioned is not wrong. You can do by that way too.
The specific values of 1e-8 and 1.0 used in the clip_by_value function are arbitrary and can be adjusted as we wish.Here in this case it clips the value less than 10^-8 to 10^-8 and values greater than 1 to 1. But it “might” affect the results of the optimization step. So it is better to use normalization.

Hope you are enjoying the learning process! Have fun and take care.

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Thank you Nithin. I met some problem as you mentioned for the log(x), and solved it also by using the clip_by_value function.
Not sure how much impact on the model performance, but at least the model can continue…