Graded Error in assignment of week 3 and function failed error in week 4


Please note that I am having graded error issue in assignment of week 3. I have cleared cache and done all but no help and my tasks are passed. In week 4 assignment my all tests are also passed but it gives erros function failed on test 1 after submission again and again. Please resolve the issue and issue the certificate as I have no time to solve such errors. I have done certifications before also.

Please post a screen capture image showing the messages you get from the grader.

Undoubtedly there is an error in your code that the built-in unit tests do not catch. There are many such possible errors.

Please see the attched screenshot. In file I pass all the tests but on submission I get this.

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And in other assignment also there is no exercise 7 even there and I pass all test but I get this .

There is an error in your scaled_dot_product_attention() function.

“Exercise 7” refers to how Coursera’s grading system numbers of phases of the assignment. Those are different numbers than are used in the notebook.

how to fix the second issue i will try to see the fumction in other.

Now I am constantly getting this issue where as my all functions are passed in notebook.

It appears there is an error in your EncoderLayer() function.

“Passing the tests in the notebook” does not prove your code is perfect.

Now I am stuck here in week 3 assignment. I do not know what to do.

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Done please check. Thanks.

The “grader timeout” typically means your code has an infinite loop, and the grader stops after it hits the limit for how long your code should run.