Grader not working for Assignment 3


I have an issue with W3 Assignment not working. The Submit button disappears after I start running the lab. If I save it and relaunch it, I am able to submit, but am getting a ‘0’ score. I have already renamed the notebook and refreshed the lab to start from scratch. But am still having the same issue. I have spent hours on this, and am stuck. How can I fix it?


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Dear @staceyfarias,

Please use this form GenAI with LLMs Lab Issue Report
to raise your request.

Hi Girijesh,

I submitted the form, but was then later able to get past the issue… so I am good now


Sounds good.
If my post was helpful, please mark that post as solution. That will help other learners.

Please feel free to connect me any time.

Hi Girijesh. Please note that this form is only for the Gen AI With LLMs course. This topic is created under the MLOps Specialization, which is different.

Thank you @chris.favila,
I am just curious to know, Is there any place where I can find this type of forms for other courses.