Grading criteria

Hi, is there a rubric that details how the assignments are graded?

What I have been observing in the last two assignments of Week 2 is that if I don’t get the last cell (out of 8-10 cells) correct, it assigns me 60 which is not passing. My understanding is that we have to do it all correct to be able to pass (not just 70). Am I correct?

Edit: I figured out my mistake. I added epsilon by mistake when finding theta_minus. When I fixed it, I got 100. Grading seems really weird to me!

Hi @Zeynep_Akcay ,

Well done for finding the solution.

Thanks but I still have my question unanswered.

Hi @Zeynep_Akcay ,

The marks you get from an assignment is just an indication on how well you understanding the topics taught. Why would you settle for a less if you could learn and find out what the problem is and get it fixed?

The grader has a couple of interesting characteristics. Hopefully the following comments will provide some of the info you seek. This is general info about the grader, not limited to your topic:

  • If anything in your notebook causes the grader to crash (i.e. throw an assert or has a runtime error), you’ll get 0 points. The grader feedback in this case can be difficult to interpret.
  • This makes it very difficult to submit a partially complete notebook for grading, because any “None” statements you’ve left in your code will likely cause a runtime error.
  • Some courses (not all of them) support a text tag you can insert that tells the grader to stop when it reaches that place in your notebook. Even in courses that support this tag, its use is problematic (students can forget to remove the tag, or they add multiple tags, or the grader gets otherwise confused).
  • Every part of an assignment can have a different point value. You are not told in advance what the specific values are, until the first time your code is successfully graded and you get a score.
  • Detailed feedback from the grader is available for each part of the assignment, by clicking on a drop-down symbol next to each section of the grader report.

Yes, that’s the purpose of assessments.

That is really about my preferences and expectations from the course. I would rather not discuss further if we don’t agree that the assignments grading criteria is misleading.

Thanks anyways!

Thanks for the info.