Greetings from NW Washington

Hello all
Just saying hey…starting the deep learning specialization and interested in connecting with AI students. My journey has taken me from behavior research (MA in Experimental Psychology) to corporate IT to web development and now to AI and machine learning. Interested in advanced AI development and research. Love everything Apple, tech, AI and also stay ground with meditation and the beauty of nature which is abundant here in the Pacific Northwest USA. Feel free to say hey or start a chat and good luck on your journey…

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I like the word “Pacific” - it means ocean, unknowns, exploration, adventures, and excitment. Welcome, @Colinb! Look forward to discussing with you here!


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Hi, Colin.

Welcome to the forums! You’ve come to the right place for more information on ML/DL/AI.

I live in the SF Bay Area, but we visit the Seattle area frequently because one of our sons and his family live in Redmond WA. I totally agree that the natural beauty in that area is wonderful. Mountains and water pretty much every direction you look. We love to visit Whidbey and the San Juan Islands. In the winter it’s pretty easy to get to Snoqualmie and Stevens Passes for XC skiing. Totally amazing. And from Bellingham, it’s pretty easy to get to BC and experience the beauty that is there as well.

See you on the forums!



Thanks to you both for the welcome and I look forward to enjoying learning about these fascinating topics.


Don’t forget the joys of Seattle traffic jams.


Hi @Colinb, @paulinpaloalto, group,
Also new here, also from PNW - bellevue specifically
Formerly Los Altos - love Palo Alto area as well.
Just starting the assignments!


hi from west Seattle I just joined and am new to all things tech.