GTN: Comments mis-matching with Code

In Week 1 of Course 3, in the second assignment, i.e., GTNs, I am slightly confused between the comments and the code as they are slightly mismatching.

Screenshot from 2022-03-12 19-10-10

In the above code cell, we defined the number of inner loop iterations as 32 and the number of outer loop iterations as 5.

In the comments, after a few code cells, it is mentioned that the number of outer loop iterations is 50. Are these 2 different, or is there an error in the comments? Additionally, it is mentioned that the teacher is so good that it gets your student to a 90% validation accuracy with 32 iterations. How is it 32? Shouldn’t it be 50*32 or 5*32, since the student is trained in a nested for loop?


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Thanks, @Elemento! You’re right. I’ll submit a ticket to get this fixed.

Also, I noticed that, at least for me, with the current outer loop iterations = 5, we don’t get to the 90% validation accuracy mentioned. We need more iterations to get there. @Elemento, did you see the same thing?

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Yes @Wendy, I noticed the same thing as well. After the 5th outer loop iteration, the validation accuracy was still 83.59% as opposed to the stated 90%.