Habit of curiosity

I am a former Marine Scientist, amateur trilingual translator, and recently certified divemaster.

I built my career solely for the love of the subject and with the hopes of being part of the conservation community, but have not yet done so because I lack curiosity and to ask questions that open new ideas, and help with understanding and problem-solving.

As much as I want to ask meaningful questions, I just freeze. What are some helpful ways to build this skill and grow my curiosity?

Hi @Miwako_Guerreo

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Just to clarify, what topics are you referring too?

Hmm you know if you really have no questions they why do you want to cause yourself trouble in getting into questions, one question will lead to an answer and then maybe many more questions.

Questions will be intrinsic to you, you cannot cultivate it.

Hi elirod,

If I want to focus on my interest, I would focus on scientific findings and how to go about questioning to see if there are any uncovered studies that could lead to new discovery and contribution to environmental contribution.

I found a lot of scientists that through curiosity, were able to help restore a species population, a small community, even a ecosystem like that of a lake.

I believe asking questions is one of great ways to learn and connect better with the topic, and enable to further dig deep into complex ideas.

I hope this helps you to understand my predicament with building my curiosity

Well, to approach this, immerse yourself in existing research on marine conservation, species restoration, and ecosystem health. Challenge assumptions and explore historical data to uncover gaps in knowledge. Collaborate with fellow scientists, divers, and experts, and utilize your language skills to translate and analyze research papers. Think holistically about ecosystems, attend relevant events, and seek mentorship from experienced researchers.

As you read broadly, formulate hypotheses and questions that address local challenges and sustainable solutions. Keep a research journal to document insights and share them with the community. By maintaining an open mind and consistently pursuing questions, you can contribute meaningfully to marine conservation and potentially make significant discoveries that benefit the environment.

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Hi gent.spah,

I would think so, too, and the reason why I want to trouble myself with questions is, that I find myself being narrow-minded and have a hard time looking at different viewpoints.

If I want to continue being part of the science and develop my career in the field, I think questions are the answers.

I sometimes wonder if I am just not made to be a scientist because of the lack of intrinsicality, asking myself the same old questions

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Desiring to be and arising from being are 2 very different paths, but you should try what you desire, why not try.


What about starting with making observations? Then ask why things work such way, and how things are made to work? Maybe with more observations and finding answers to those questions, you might be able to bring ideas from one aspect to another?

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