Hello! A teacher hoping to support my students and fellow ML learners

Hi all,

I’m Wesley. I currently work as a social studies teacher at a middle school on the West coast, and I have long been interested in AI. I loved science fiction growing up and was particularly inspired by William Gibson’s visions of the future and AI gone awry. Now, I feel lucky (and a little scared) to live in a time when AI policy is an open question in my school district, and the problems I imagined as science fiction as a kid are becoming science fact. I loved reading about AI advancements in college and took a CS course here or there, but nothing stuck but the interest and love of the field.

I started an AI Workgroup with cooperation from district officials, and chat with my students about AI in the classroom occasionally. I’m excited at the prospect of connecting with other learners from across the world, building my foundational skills in Machine Learning, and would also love the opportunity to mentor others in this course some day after going through the material myself.

Please feel free to reach out to create a study group, discuss ongoing projects, or connect over LinkedIn, Coursera, here, etc. I would love to support any one else in their learning - hopefully my experience in the classroom outweighs my ignorance in ML!

In my free time, I love reading, videogames, creating pictures on Midjourney, playing with ChatGPT, and spending time with the people I love (not just robots).

Good luck to all of you!

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Welcome to the community!
This is certainly a time of rapid evolution in technology.

Yes - overwhelming stuff.

I see you’re a Super Mentor on here. Some time (a long ways) down the line, I’d love the chance to pick your brain about what mentoring is like on this platform. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. You can do it using the personal message system if you prefer - click on my name and use the Message button.

Hi, Wes.

I join Tom in welcoming you to the community! Your skills as a teacher will make you a natural candidate to become a mentor. The process is just to start taking the classes that fit with your interests and participate in the discussions and they will offer you the opportunity to become a mentor at some point for courses that you have successfully completed. I’m not sure of the exact process by which that happens, but people who are good at answering questions get noticed.

Of course there is no rule that says you need to have a “mentor” badge in order to answer a question. As a teacher, I’m sure you already have an finely tuned sense for when you understand something and when you don’t, so let that be your guide and you’ll be fine.

Please keep us posted on which courses you find interesting and your progress.



Thanks for the warm welcome, Paul. Rest assured, there is no finely tuned anything with my teaching sense, but the vote of confidence is greatly appreciated!