Hello from a business guy from Brazil

My name is Marcelo. I am from São Paulo - Brazil. It is great to learn from Deeplearning. Very good courses. I work much more as a business guy than tech. I think everyone will need to learn how to code. Lots of service people will be replace by lots of AI software very soon. What people like me will do? I really don’t know but I think people like me needs to learn how to code or how to change code to adapt their business. What do you think?

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I hope your leaning has been going well. I found a lot of useful information. Nice to meet you. My name is Kevin

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Amazed by your enthusiasm. And also motivated to bring a change in myself.
Greetings from India.

Hello “fellow countryman” Marcelo.
I live near from you, in Jundiaí.
I am a systems analyst but business and innovation are what moves me.
Hope we can exchange some camaraderie and, maybe, develop any good idea together taking the vast field of opportunities AI is opening.
Take care.


Are you taking the next course. I’m going to give it a try. I love you screen name. You must have been currently in the Military.

Hello Kevscheetz, I didn’t take the next course yet. I didn’t come from the military field. The name is more about being alert against fake news, misinformation, etc. As someone who stands guard over this.