Hello from Germany

Hello, here is Zoe. I’m a master student and currently writing my thesis with a specialization in computer vision. I’ve finished the Machine Learning Specialization on Cousera and now participating in the Deep Learning Specialization. Glad to be here and become one of the community :wink:

Btw, does any one know how can I post a question in the Deep Learning Specialization category? When I was trying to,I was informed “not allowed”. Got a bit confused.

Welcome @xcogit ,

Can you please share a screenshot where the problem appears?

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@Nydia The “New Topic” button cannot be clicked. Am I in the wrong place?

You have now to select to which course of the DL Specialization you have questions. Please scroll down from the state you took the snapshot and you will find all the courses, if you choose one, you will be able to create a new topic.

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome!