Hello From NYC

Hello From NYC friends,
I created new topic in AI Project section but it does not appear there…!! It appears under tags/AI Discussion. Does anyone know why?

Your post is in the AI Projects area:

I’ve circled the forum area.

The “ai-discussions” is just a tag to help with search results.

Hello TangoCharlie,
I’m Monty from India. Hope you are doing well, can you assist me what are the programming languages that needed to learn for AI&ML and where can i learn?

Appreciate your reply TMosh, then how come it don’t popup in the AI Project category. I don’t see my post/project there…? It supposed to be there right…?

Hi Monty,
Following is my suggestion. Also check out other threads where this question is already answered many times.

  1. Learn Python. ( I learned it from realpython.com )
  2. Learn Data Science, mainly Numpy (NumPy: the absolute basics for beginners — NumPy v1.26 Manual) and Pandas (Getting started — pandas 2.2.0 documentation)
  3. Learn ML/AI from DeepLearning.AI. Start with Machine Learning specialization.

For me, it does appear in the “AI Project” forum category. That’s where I took my screen capture from.

Thank you so much TangoCharlie this will help me alot.