Hello, I need support how to take the linear regression test. Thanks

I am stuck C1_W2_Linear_Regression

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Did you by mistake file this under DLS instead of MLS?

yes. maybe, I dont know writes code python

I’ve changed the topic for you. You must do it moving forward. Creating a thread in an incorrect topic might get ignored.
Don’t forget to remove code from the original post.

Hey @ThaoPC,
Filing topic under the right section doesn’t require any knowledge of Python. If you clearly read Balaji’s replies, he is not asking you about your code, but regarding the fact that you should file your topic under the correct section for better response.

As to your issue, can you please explain me as to why you are computing gradients when you are supposed to compute the cost? It looks like you are getting confused between computing the loss and doing the backward propagation. Please review the lecture videos and the optional labs once more to gain a better clarity regarding the same.

Moreover, even if I ignore the code regarding the gradients, you haven’t used the cost_sum and the total_cost variables at all in your implementation, and you are supposed to return the total_cost variable. Do watch the lecture video in which Prof Andrew has discussed the way we compute the cost, and after that, you can easily complete this function. And if you are still stuck, feel free to let us know, and we will help you out. I hope this helps.

P.S. - Posting code in the public forums is strictly against the community guidelines, so please refrain from doing so in the future.


Thank you was the supports.

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Thank you was the supports. I see