Hello, I'm Charlie! I'm a Software Engineer from Austin, TX, starting my journey into AI & ML

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to begin learning about all things AI & ML. I currently work in web development primarily in JS stacks (MERN), and I’m very interested in ML. I really just want to learn it for the sake of learning it, aim for mastering the skill, and see what doors that opens up.

It’s nice to meet you all, and I look forward to having thought provoking discussions with you!

Also, I just created a personal blog, that will primarily for documenting my learning/journey into AI & ML – check it out here: ctbw.dev


Hello @ctbwx

Welcome to Deep Learning.AI

Great idea to make a personal blog of your AI journey.

Keep Learning!!!


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I like your personal blog. Have you thought about adding an email sign up for notifications when you add new material to your website? It would be interesting to watch your portfolio grow.

Katherine Moss

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Hey @Katherine_Moss,

Thank you. And that’s a great idea! I am going to add that to my task tracker – should be easy enough.


@Katherine_Moss – Done! I’ve added a subscription feature here: Subscribe

I will be sure to send out emails whenever I publish a new post.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

I subscribed just now. It was easy. Looking forward to your postings.