Help in C2 W1 account still in clean up and Invalid type for parameter

Hello support team, recently I tried to solve the practice exam in week_1 course_2.
but I am getting the account still in cleanup .that is the first error.

the second error in the same lab. happened in 3rd section in the lab when trying to query feature store.
Invalid type for parameter
I hope you can help me with these 2 errors.
Thanks in advance :blush::blush::blush:

Hi @Ahmed_Hekal

I will be answering to your technical question only

The error message “Invalid type for parameter” suggests that the parameter passed to the athena_query function is of an unexpected or incompatible data type.

It’s likely that feature_group.athena_query function expects a specific data type as an input and the provided parameter doesn’t match the expected data type. This can happen when you are trying to pass a variable of the wrong data type (e.g. string instead of integer) or when you have a type mismatch due to some other error in your code.

To fix the issue, you should check the documentation for the athena_query function to see what data type it expects for the input parameter and make sure that the variable you are passing to the function is of the correct type. Additionally, you should also check the value of the variable and make sure it is not None, or it doesn’t contain any unexpected values.

It is also good idea to print out the type of the variable you are passing to the function before passing it and see if it matches the expected type.

You could also check if the query is well formatted and if the feature group name is correct.

Hope so you got the answer

Muhammad John Abbas

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