Help! The job has been submitted, but now it says it has not been submitted

On day 7/23/2021 I sent the job scheduled for week 3 (8 times), but now I find that it has not been sent somehow. Is there a way to resubmit it and what should I do?
Again I have sent many times … but why did I not pass … why “NO”?
NOTES: “send order” debug problem. Do I think I have been blocked by the policy?


Hey @DMatrix82, please help me understand the matter at hand. You have been submitting your assignment, but you believe it hasn’t been submitted ?

From the looks of the screenshots you have shared, you said you submitted 8 times, and I can see it was submitted 8 times, but you didn’t pass the assignment, which is why it says “No”. Are you certain you are not getting any errors while running the assignment ? Because it is telling that your solution is incorrect.