Hi Friends, I am Narendra from India

Would like to contribute on Agriculture issues.
Currently contributing on SAP Solution Architect and IT Digital Transformation Business Architect for Supply Chain and Commercial functions for Bayer Cropscience India & APAC region.

Hello @nkprachande

That’s a great initiative thought as agriculture issues are constant challenge especially in India with a widespread issue from economical to climatic to tech supported knowledge to traditional approach.

One needs to first make sure on what part of this challenge one wants to focus and how other challenges could be handled while you overcome one challenge.

Like if you say in state of Bihar, I see the climatic and soil conditions really good, and also lately due to better reach of technology, I still felt farmers getting lesser profit than they deserve.

You also need to closely watch the current farmer protest going on and for what farmers are demanding.

When I asked my uncle who is a farmer, he states the govt. direct picks the crop from their land once the harvesting is done, but are they being given enough price as the govt. can sell the crop to any private company which in turn makes more money than a farmer is offered.

I somewhere feel this portal of channel need to have a profit-loss share between the commercial market and direct farmer who only face the loss but don’t get the profit when the private sectors earns more.

Like current MSP is a fixed minimum price set by the central govt. what if the MSP is set based on current market value of a particular crop and not fixed, which could benefit farmer from time to time. If anyone can create a channel of rate exchange of MSP to the commercial pricing based on its demand and production, and where every party gets shared profit, the growth would be more holistic and optimistic.