Hiring! ML-Ops and ML-Engineer

Hi we are SpexAI, a startup from Cologne, Germany (https://www.spexai.com/).

We developed a multispectral imaging system to improve the production of plants, and are currently solely focused on Cannabis grown indoors.

In research projects, we have shown that our multispectral images carry enough information to correlate the image data with lab results on THC(A), CBD(A) and CBG(A) as well as to detect diseases before symptoms become visible to growers.
We are on the step to commercialize the product, with the first paying customers in North America.

Right now we are looking for talents, who can help us achieve the following goals:

  • Improve the overall accuracy of the data correlation to lab results as well as manual observations on pests and diseases.
  • Integrate environmental and past image analysis results to predict the growth of the plant.
  • Scale the deployment of the models, from currently <10 installations to >100 in the next two years. Using mainly AWS services.
  • Make our vision come true: To fully automate the production of any plant in Greenhouses and Indoors, helping the world to grow more with less.

Current open positions are ML Engineer and MLOps.
Working at a start-up also means that this is not a job, where your tasks will be narrow.
So our ML-Ops hire will be asked to help improve the models and also transfer knowledge on the ML-Ops pipelines to the ML-Engineer and the other way around.

If this sounds like a great challenge you want to tackle, please reach out to me on LinkedIn:


I am also interested and sent a connection request to you!

I am Interested and I have send message to you in you LinkedIn account.

DevOps + AI/ML + Cannabis. Looks like a perfect stress balancing opportunity. )

Hey @Ben_SpexAI,
I would like to submit myself as a candidate if the position is still open. Looking forward to hearing from you!