How can download utility test functions

Hi ,
I would like to download testutility functions so that I can workon locally on my laptop instead of coursera platform . I can download assignment notebook , datafiles used etc, however I dont see anything for utility functions - for example I want to make available test functions from - week2 assignments - model_test ,predict_test or optimize_test etc. etc.

If you click on the Jupyter logo you can see a folder release and inside that other folder with additional Python files. See for example, week 2 assignment 1 below:


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Hi Alberto ,
I have all the files from those folder already . none of those files contains the functions I mention and that is why I asked it on folder. When I try to execute code on my local machine I get not found exception . I have all the necessary paths set and I also examined those file do not contain test function i mentioned. Therefore I though coursera environment may be referring to something else that is not in the release folder


There are some “hidden” tests used on top of the public tests but the functions you mentioned in your first email are in the file.

Could you copy here the full error you are getting?

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Ohh , never mind . It was my mistake - I was using from the folder W2P1 ( instead of W2P2)

Thanks and Rdegards