How can I increase my chances of getting into a a Master's program in a university that does cool research?

I have a Bachelor’s in Electronics with a 8.2 GPA from India. I have a year of experience as a Frontend Engineer.

I’m going to pursue a Master’s in Machine Learning in the USA. I’ve heard that connections with professors at universities and research is important and I have neither.

Are these necessary?

I’m working on projects and I’m going to start blogging.

Are there other ways to make my portfolio better?


Working on research projects and having recommendations from professors do increase your chances of getting into a good university
But I won’t deny the fact that even work experience and recommendations from industry works
Do you have an inclination towards research?
If yes I recommended you to take some projects under professors. If not work experience is great for your application as well
Hope this helps
Mayank Ghogale


Thank you Mayank!

I have started work on a research problem. For now my only goal is to reproduce a paper. Once I’m done with that then I’ll work on improving it in someway. At what stage of my work is it advisable to reach out to a professor (known or unknown)?

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I would say as you already have experience with work and also a degree with you…you can approach professors for internships (virtual or in place both options are open…virtual works best for me)
I being an undergraduate student do it…you very well can start sir
Hope this helps

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Hi @13point5 !

Since you plan to apply for graduate school in the US, I recommend browsing some valuable Reddit posts. :smile:

I have learned a lot previously by reading & learning some valuable experiences from other applicants on Reddit.

For instance, one link is:

And always feel free to search for other graduate schools’ more specific topics on Reddit!

Thanks, I hope this helps and good luck with your application!