How does this specialization differ from the original course(s)?

I am curious how the Machine Learning Specialization that was re-released in mid-2022 compares to the original Andrew Ng course on coursera? I know that Python was introduced in this version, but what about the topics covered, teaching style, labs, etc? Are those similar or different?

Are u ask what different between whis released and 2016 released? Or any released u mean

Yeah, if 2016 was the last release. I thought the original was 2011, but if they updated the courses in 2016, then I want to know what is different between this version.

As u mention new released use python not octave and new topics new algorithms and so on

Hey @Hokie81,
I haven’t done the previous course myself, but as per my knowledge, the previous course focused majorly on Supervised Learning, and that too Machine Learning. In this specialization, you will see a glimpse of Deep Learning, Unsupervised Learning (Clustering, Anomaly Detection), Recommender Systems and Reinforcement Learning, something which was not focused on in the earlier course.

Also, as @Mohamed_khaled_badr mentioned, Python has replaced Octave, and one of the major algorithms has been dropped from the original course, SVM. If you want to know more about why it has been dropped, you may check this thread out.

I hope this helps.