How "good" do I need to get in order to land a high-paying job? (w/o a CS degree)

As a beginner (currently in DLS) who is getting past the “drinking out of a firehose” phase, I am setting short, medium, and long-term goals for my DL journey, with the long-term goal being landing a high-paying job with a reputable company even though I do not have a CS degree or any relevant experience.

I understand this may take years, but critically, I am not sure how “good” I need to get in order to land such a job. Can you please provide me with examples of some projects you are aware of that someone can implement on their own, which if networked with properly would demonstrate high-enough of DL skills to a potential employer that could help lead to an interview? Are there any other benchmarks or “buoys” to work towards?

By the way I am most interested in computer vision & RL in simulations (robotics, self-driving, etc.)

Thank you for hosting this session and for taking my question!