How important are practical exercises and assignments, and how do they impact your future in the field?

To what extent is it important to understand the practical exercises and mathematical foundations of assignments? Does it really affect my future understanding when I want to train a machine learning model?

It depends on your goals.

If you only want to use the high-level tools (like sklearn and TensorFlow) to create models, then you don’t need much math.

But you should thoroughly understand the practical labs that use these tools.

ok thank you, I have an issue submitting the lab assignment for week 2 and week 3 from the course “Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification.” When I submit, my grade does not appear, and the submission is not completed. Do you know how to resolve this or how to contact them for a solution?

@10AbdullahAI IMHO the practical exercises and assignments are still then, not even enough. I mean you really do have to understand them at least to do well in the field-- But then from there you have to practice, practice, practice on your own projects to get a feel for how to build models yourself and interpret the results.

The labs we work on are simply not things one can just ‘copy and paste’ into an assignment at a new job.

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Please post a screen capture image that shows the detailed feedback from the grader.

If the grader gets stuck and never completes, then check the code you added to the notebook, and verify that you haven’t added any outputs to the console (via additional print() statements), haven’t added or deleted any cells, or made other modifications to areas of the notebook.