How the matrix (W) is [4*3] works?

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Because in that layer, it has 4 neurons, and each neuron accepts 3 features as its input.


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Actually I was asking how this matrix is (4x3), because if it was multiplied by input features then it can be (4x3) like
[[w1[1]Tx1 w1[1]Tx2 w1[1]Tx3]
[w2[1]Tx1 w2[1]Tx2 w2[1]Tx3]
[w3[1]Tx1 w3[1]Tx2 w3[1]Tx3]
[w4[1]Tx1 w4[1]Tx2 w4[1]Tx3]]
then it can be (4x3) matrix but here before multiplication how it can be (4x3) matrix.

Hello Priyanshu,

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The 4x3 that you are seeing is just an explanation given by Prof Ng to represent the value z[l] here.

In addition to the great explanations and diagrams from Raymond and Rashmi, here’s another thread from a while back that goes through this more at the level of math formulas.


What else should it be if not a 4×3 matrix?