How to actually break into the AI engineer job scene?

I am a sophomore in college, and I have a software engineer internship for this summer, and I want to get an AI engineer related internship for my junior year.

I currently have one ML project that is an automated vending machine/cabinet that uses an object recognition model to identify the items in the cabinet (there are more aspects to the project). I am doing this project with a team of around 15-20 people from my school computer science club. Over the summer I will not be with the club and will most likely have to do any projects solo or with 2-3 other people.

Can anyone give me specific projects/experiences/things I can do that will make my resume stand out compared to other software engineers trying to break into the AI scene?

(I am looking to replace the other projects on my resume as they don’t have to do with AI engineering specifically so I will not mention them)

You could try making a name for yourself in projects/competitions on Kaggle.