How to apply this course on usual ChatGPT interface?

I’m wondering if all the tips in this course is applicable for normal use case. Most of normal user will not interact with ChatGPT via openAI’s API, instead they go for chatbot interface. Hence, it’s not feasible to apply, for example: divide a big prompt into smaller parts.

HI @lehai0609 ,

While some of the tips in this course may be specifically geared towards developers and those who are interacting with ChatGPT via OpenAI’s API, many of the principles discussed can still be applicable to a normal user who is interacting with a chatbot interface.
For example, the idea of breaking down a large prompt into smaller parts can still be useful in a chatbot interface.
To break down a large prompt into smaller parts, you can try the following steps:
1- Identify the key ideas or topics in the prompt
2-Divide the prompt into sections
3-Create separate prompts for each section
4- Provide context for each prompt
5- review and use the chatgpt responses to refine your prompts