How to communicate with SageMaker Endpoints?

Hi there, I completed this course and would like to build a Sentiment Classifier Demo accordingly, however I am not familiar with AWS and haven’t find a way to do it. Is there any guideline?

Hi @Lonnie,

My understanding is that you want to build your own sentiment classifier using AWS for Demo purpose and looking for tutorials. The PDS course1 covers Exploratory Data Analysis and Training classical and DL nlp algorithms other than BERT. For Demo purposes, you should also learn about deploying and hosting the trained models. So I would suggest you complete course 2 of the PDS specialization. In last week’s assignment of course2, you will be deploying the trained BERT model. Using fast API or Flask, you can build API to send the text and retrieve sentiment results from the hosted model for your demo purpose. If you are further interested you can also check this medium post on Amazon lex, an AWS service that can do sentiment analysis. If you have further doubts, please let me know. Happy learning.

Best Regards,
A. Sriharsha

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Thank you, this is very helpful.