How to download a copy of the lab without markup?

I would like to download a copy of the lab assignment to my own hard drive. I have been able to download the lab, but when I open it in Notepad, it is cluttered up with all sorts of format or markup characters. I have not been able to find a waay to remove those characters.

How can I get a clean copy of my lab work downloaded to my own hard drive.

Hello @Bill_Allen,

The following steps will download all files related to a lab.

which will also get you the lab itself in its original format - ipynb, or a Jupyter notebook.

A jupyter notebook is, as you mentioned, a format rich file, but Notepad isn’t the right tool to open a Jupyter notebook. You need a Jupyter IDE to open a jupyter notebook.

However, if you want to get rid of the formats and download the lab as a python script, so that you can view it in Notepad conveniently, you may do the following additional steps:


Thank you. This is what I wanted.

–Bill Allen