How to download completed Notebooks

How can I download my completed assignments (notebooks and related scripts) from Practical Data Science Specialization


Hi @prashantg72,

In the file part of the jupyter notebook, click on File–> Open. You can see the different notebooks and scripts from there.

Hope this helps.

Hi, This notebooks are in AWS SageMaker environment (practical data science specialization course).
For Notebooks in Coursera environment like in Deep Learning Specialization and some others - Coursera has given steps how we can download all the notebooks (for all weeks of that course) in a tar file
There is no “File → Open” option in the SageMaker Notebooks.
I tried the “File → Export → Export as PDF option” but that opens up a new tab with 404 error

Also, I just saw that - When I logged in to AWS for my first-course first-week completed assignment. It does not open up the completed assignment notebook instead it opens up a new fresh notebook. Is there a way to get back the completed assignment and download them