How to get 'insight'

I want to talk about my experience in Thailand.

Is this related to AI and DLAI or just life experience?

Both of them. I’m korean, but i stay two city from April. Bangkok and Busan.
While staying in Thailand, I visited temples and experienced deep meditation and training. And when I returned to the hotel, I studied generative AI.

At first, I thought I needed to use a basic programming language to become an AI consultant, but it wasn’t

I must based on my search for personal insights and creativity and imagination before that.

So every morning I meditate.

OK, meditation is natural state of being cannot be done contrary to popular belief. Meditation is a state of just being in synchronicity with existence, nobody is an island, everything is connected. Half of our lungs are outside us, in the trees! A meditative state is a conscious state, where ones intelligence is awake. All great discoveries where done in a meditative state for eg. Einstein solve the relativity equations when taking baths he used to take a 6 hour baths, thats when he would loose his mind and synchronize with existence, and these are not my conclusions btw.

Ok. let’s discuss more detail. I am a person with bipolar disorder, but I do not see it as a disability. Instead, I believe I have a different cognitive architecture that allows me to process experiences and thoughts differently from the average person. I think that by controlling the extreme aspects of my condition, I can access a higher level of experience and reasoning that others cannot imagine. To achieve this, I practice daily meditation and yoga, undergo medication treatment, and record my emotional states and creative ideas in a journal.
Currently, I spend ten days a month in Thailand to gain deeper inner insights through spiritual practice, while also improving my English skills and studying Generative AI under Professor Andrew Ng through the Coursera app.
Please tell me your view about this. would like to know the expert opinion on the activities I am engaged in.

I say you just see what you mind tells you but don’t act on it, just observe! Thats all I can say to you.

Thanks. I’ll keep in mind.

don’t act on it, but keep observe what my mind say. , thank you very much

then you have to somehow act as well but observe the mind, and thats the alpha of meditation…