How to move the post, delete the post, and where to find the right weeks?

Hi guys. I got a very hard-shut-down reply from this mentor. I assume he is a boss here.
Since I don’t know how to move the post, So, I repost it (to the place maybe is right), and he asks me why? Since I am not allow to delete my post, but he asks me to delete…

but most importantly, check his reply to my question “do read comment … the hint is sufficient”. When student post questions carefully like that, just means, this student wants to learn and needs help. I know I am a newbie in CS, sorry about those silly questions :frowning:

So, can someone teach me that: how to move / delete the post? and where to find the “weeks”. I only see DLS Course 1,2,3 … thank you!

For starters, I’m not the boss of this platform. Andrew Ng is the boss of this platform. I have no reason to be rude to you. Let’s face it. As far as I can remember, this is our 1st interaction.

Let me explain myself. There have been many learners who have missed the markdown cells and code comments. Most of their answers were there in the notebook. This does not mean that they are idiots. For whatever reason, they skipped over relevant content. You can go through other posts of mine where I’ve just pointed out places where they can find their answers.

Bottom line is, I’m sorry you feel that I offended you. This is the last time you’ll hear from me. There are other deeplearning staff and senior mentors around here. You’re in very capable hands. Happy learning.

In the DLS courses, we don’t have separate categories for the weeks, so you can only select DLS as the top level and then the Course number as the subcategory. So the best way to help when posting about DLS is to include the week number or name of the assignment in the title of your post. You can also edit that in the same way by using the little “edit pencil” on the title. Don’t forget to click the checkmark to save your change.

To delete a thread, just use the “edit pencil” in the toolbar at the bottom of the Original Post in the thread, if you are the one who created it. There should be a trashcan icon that lets you delete it, if that’s what you decide to do.

All good, sir. Thanks for your notes. Maybe there was a misunderstanding. But we are good now. Have a great day.

thanks, Paul. Actually, I do try to delete that post. But what I saw from my side, it says that I am not allowed to delete it, but I should flag the post. Then I flag it after it.

Interesting. I’m not sure how all the Discourse functions appear to normal users. I know it has a “trust model” and doesn’t let you do some things when you are a new user. But then as it sees that you are doing only normal well behaved things, it opens up more features over time.

ha. that’s why you saw that post is “flagged”. because the hint after I clicked “delete” told me to do so…