How to Open Ungraded Lab? Solving Linear Systems: 2 variables

Please help me, when I open the Lab for Solving Linear Systems: 2 variables,
It required that:

In import numpy as np

Please help me with where I should input and load these data. How can I see the result of all these codes?

Hi. I’m not sure I understand your question but I’ll try to help. I wasn’t able to find the lab with the exact line of code you described. From what I can surmise you are citing a description of a certain line of code that says “Load the NumPy package to access its functions” followed by the actual line of code “import numpy as np”. The latter asks the compiler to import the package NumPy and assigns “np” as an alias to this package. There’s no data to be imputed or loaded. Each box inside the notebook may be run with shift+enter or pressing “run” in the menu bar. Hope this helps. If you need more assistance, just ask. Good luck mate!

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Are you trying to download and run the lab locally, or are you using the Coursera Labs environment through your browser?

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Thanks for your answer. I dont know where to put the code to run it. I did open the Lab through my browser.

Thanks for your helping. Sorry for the typo. I will edit it.
I don’t know where to put the code it and run it. It seemed the Lab like the the description and guide to solve problem.

You don’t have to put the code anywhere. You just click on the button that opens the lab in your browser, and use the “Run” button for each cell.

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OMG, thanks so much for your help. I understand it now. Really appreciated :pray: