How to reload the assignment page?

How can I reload the code for Programming Assignment: Exercise 1 (Housing Prices) ? I want to change and resubmit the assignment but cannot access the Exercise 1 code. When I click on “My Submissions” then “Create Submission” it open open file dialog box. How to reload the assignment page?

Hello @Asif_Khan
You need to reopen the Coursera environment lab above that Programming Assignment and do the assignment after that hit the submit button in the workplace to be graded.

Hi @Asif_Khan, as Hirwa mentioned, you should go to create submission and work again on your code. If that doesn’t work you should close your session and reopen it and create submission.

Then please inform if that works for you.


Juan Solís

the solution provided does not make any sense to me.
Can you be more explicit? Perhaps with screen shots?
How do you “Reopen the Coursea environment”?

I found a very good response by another poster …please ignore my request