How to reset lab time? (continue with saved progress)

I was almost complete, in section 8 of the assignment, when the lab time ran out, and it does not allow to reset the lab time, even with logout/clear cache.
will my progress be saved? how can I access the lab again?
will try back tomorrow.

You can download notebook and later upload it

download failed this time, I assume due to the lab time running out.

I was able to get some time restored on the lab (perhaps it restores after some time automatically?), but I’m back in the unauthorized aws credentials loop so I still cannot access it. maybe it will be better tomorrow. just trying to figure out any rules so I can manage properly. Thanks.

Hi @tbucci,

The time allocated for the lab is fixed. The best you can do is save the variables and pandas files and download them for later use. Whenever you’re starting a new session you are basically creating a new kernel and restarting the whole process. I believe this time you will be able to complete the lab as you have already completed most of the sections in the assignment.

Best Regards,
A. Sriharsha

Yes, it appears that all progress has been deleted.

The lab time should be extended, and/or progress should be kept for some time window. Most of the time is taken with system processing time, with inspecting/reviewing artifacts and job details on aws, and with errors in the given code, this will also take up time.

Users should be provided ample warning that their progress will not be saved and be given instructions to download progress ahead of time. (Download does not work after timeout.) Users should be warned when time is low. All basics in service levels - violating these norms will make people very frustrated.

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Just to provide some supporting detail, one cell takes 30-40 minutes to run. When I completed the assignment again today, I had just 15 minutes remaining of the 2 two hour time limit.

After completing at least 75% of the assignment yesterday, I had to redo it today. We should assume that I did not take the same amount of time reading instructions, reviewing aws interface, finding solutions.

In other words, a very quick run through of 75% of the assignment, plus the remaining 25% left me with 15 minutes to spare. So I would consider adjusting the time limit if possible, and certainly warning the users ahead of time about it, possibly recommending frequent notebook downloads to mitigate lost work.