How to resolve "No credentialed accounts" and not able to create storage buckets

I’m stuck with Google cloud. I followed the instructions for the lab login. and use the password for the free account.

When i entered “gcloud config list project” on the Cloud shell, i end up with

project = qwiklabs-gcp-01-88ce4a5615c9

Your active configuration is: [cloudshell-16177]

But when i keyed in “gcloud auth list”, i end up with:

No credentialed accounts.

To login, run:
$ gcloud auth login ACCOUNT

I enabled Cloud AutoML, and keyed in the command to create storage bucket, but i end up with

Creating gs://qwiklabs-gcp-01-88ce4a5615c9-vcm/…
You are attempting to access protected data with no configured
credentials. Please visit
and sign up for an account, and then run the “gcloud auth login”

There seems to be nothing that i can do further. No folders created, no files created in the Bucket folder for the rest of the command lines in the assignment.

Anyone knows how to resolve this? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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