How to run a tensorflow/tfx container (or any possible way to setup tfx on windows)?

I am new to docker, and have downloaded the tfx image using

docker pull tensorflow/tfx

However, I am unable to find anywhere how to successfully launch a container for the same. here’s a naive attempt

(I am on a windows machine, and wasn’t able to install tfx in a conda environment. So I went for the docker image, however I am not able to run a container for it)

Here are 2 steps to do:

# on host
$ docker run -p 8888:8888 -it --entrypoint bash tensorflow/tfx
# once inside container
root@ce2adf5039a7:/tfx/src$ jupyter-notebook --ip --allow-root

Look for the link in the output. It’ll look something like this:

Open the link via a web browser and you’re set.