How to solve X[i,j] to be vectorized

I asked in this forum previously and mentors told me we didn’t use for loop as mush as possible because it’s insufficient in big data and we use vectorization. This code below from lab option. I tried to figure out how can remove a two nested loop but I can’t get it. the problem is how to solve X[i, j] if I use numpy vectorization?

# code removed

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{code removed}

This is the vectorized implementation of function def compute_gradient_logistic(X, y, w, b) of the optional lab C1_W3_Lab06_Gradient_Descent_Soln

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In brief, any time you are computing the sum of the products of the elements of a vector and a matrix, you can substitute a dot product.

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Note that in this code, there is a redundtant use of dj_dw.

The "dj_dw + " isn’t needed, as evidence that it was hard-coded to zero previously.

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I have removed the code from this thread, as it relates too closely to some graded assignments.