How to survive in AI age of HR profiling systems?

I am a n automation engineer landed gentry in my middle ages.

My greatest fear that I am not able to earn money as explained in Inhuman Resources: Confronting the Fear of AI-Powered Hiring in 2022 Although it would be amusing to spark up the discussion and try some experiments.

My nickname is a result of somewhat erratic thinking patterns that get me banned from different places. Usually when I am in a darker state of mind. Sometimes for inflammatory comment against corporation in response to its employee, sometimes for “devaluing others experience” or being “passive-aggressive”.

I can’t say that I am a cheerful person. I can be when I am relaxed, but things that trigger me and/or get me into moody or even depressed state, from global to local, are usually have more control over my emotions than I am. I am slowly reprogramming myself, though, thanks to opportunities from my friends and relatives.

So I am concerned that being open and sincere about what I think on the internets, when I am in activated state of mind, got me into the position that human resource profiling systems powered by AI label me as a highly disruptive individual that is unwelcome in any company regardless of my hard skills (if I still got any actual left).


(Sentinel from The Matrix as an example of human filtering system)

Being jobless for over 4 years and having my cashflow hit the floor, I’ve got some questions. Is that the AI powered future that I am already in? What is a pathway for me to survive?

It seems to me that communicating in a professional and respectful manner will increase a person’s employability. I believe this has always been true, I do not think it has anything to do with AI.

Professional communication is not what people do outside of their jobs, but HR profiling systems can’t see the difference. Especially if your job and your hobby are the same. There is no way Linus Torvalds could be hired in 2023 by an AI system given his attitude. Also there are many environments where professional communication is far from respectful. Like in sports, where even top layer players are swearing (Tennis is a most vivid example). And Whiplash movie demonstrates very effective coaching technique that is disrespectful as heck.


AI HR filters will erase all emotions from the workspace, and then replace people with their own mindless automation. This would lead to no jobs, no money, conflicts, wars.

Professional communication habits are appropriate in any public forum.

How about diversity and inclusivity then? Should people with emotions just die? Find their misery in poverty. Is it what your propose?