How to transfer a file from one lab to another?

Hello everybody!

Pricticing in applying Linear Regression model inside the environment of the ‘C1_W2_Lab03_Feature_Scaling_and_Learning_Rate’ I use the ‘def gradient_descent’ from ‘C1_W2_Linear_Regression Assignment’. So running gradient descent function returns following error:

I think I need to import copy from utils of C1_W2_Assignment.

How can I transfer this file from one lab to another?

Look at the other lab, and see where that function is imported.

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Thanks for help @TMosh.

I’ve imported necessary files. I think my code of gradient descent is not correct because it returns different errors while I modify it. Can you give me some feedback on my code?

Have you read all of the Hint sections of the notebook?

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Also, please post screen capture images of your error messages. Those can be helpful,

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There are no any hints under the part of the code that I use. Actually I try to make a Linear Regression model with regulariztion. So I merge all the code needed (from different labs).

I’ve stucked with the gradient_descent code.

Initially I’ve taken this gradient_descent code from ‘Week 2 Practice lab: C1_W2_Linear_Regression’. It is a preset function of the assignment and I’ve modified this code according to my practice needs. But running this code returns the traceback.

This topic (regularized linear regression) is covered in Course 2, Week 3.

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Be careful with basing your work on the examples in Course 1 - often they have very limited scope (such as only working for one feature, instead of multiple features).

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@TMosh thank you for help.