How to upload assignment from my own machine

I’ve been downloading the Jupyter files and running them on my own Jupyter instance instead of through your platform. Its easier for me, faster, and doesn’t require me to be online all the time. I also don’t have to worry about whether I have saved my changes in a way that I can maintain access to them.

How do I upload the resulting file from my own machine for grading?

Hello Jonathan,

I don’t think so you are allowed to upload assignment from your own machine. These assignments are programmed to be run on coursera platform and need to be done there and then upload as the grader will have access to all the changes a learners does in these assignments if done on Coursera platform and not on your own machine.

Hope you got the gist, you can always do these assignments on your own machine to see how your model training is good.


A lot can go wrong with this method. For example, you’re likely be out-of-sync with changes in the notebook, changes to the utility support files, or changes in the grader. Maybe all three.

I think it’s technically possible. I don’t recommend it, though.

If you choose to go this route:

  • Open the default notebook for that assignment in the Coursera Labs platform.
  • Open the FIle menu and Rename the notebook ipynb file.
  • Open the File menu, select “Open”, click on the “Upload” button (in the upper right corner).
  • Select your local file. Be sure it has the expected default file name (else the grader will not grade it).
  • Click on “Upload”.
  • Click on the other “Upload” button.
  • Double-click on your file (which has just been added to the files list). This will open your notebook in Coursera Labs.
  • Click on the Submit button and hope for the best.